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We give free tailored mortgage advice to help you secure the best deal, and when you call us, you get to speak to a human mortgage specialist, not a call centre!

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We're based in Sulgrave in Oxfordshire so you can have the peace of mind dealing with a local business with local knowledge of the property market.

We're open Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
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Mortgages For Home movers

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or re-locating, we can help you every step of the way. We understand there are lots of reasons why you might decide to move home, and by using our speedy, focused and experienced service you can be re assured you get the best mortgage deal for you. We’re fully FCA regulated, so you can relax and leave it to us whilst you concentrate on the more important things like choosing your new home furnishings.

We're open Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
Call us for free local mortgage advice.

Buying your first home is an exciting prospect, however it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start to get onto the property ladder. We’ll explain all your options in plain English, whether it’s a Help to Buy Individual Savings Account (ISA), Help to Buy equity loan or a shared ownership mortgage, there’s plenty of products to assist you to get onto the property ladder. Our friendly team of experienced Mortgage Advisers are here to help you make your first move!

We're open Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
Call us for free local mortgage advice.

Mortgages For First Time Buyers


Re-Mortgaging can be great for many circumstances; whether you’re after adapting your existing home, need to raise money, consolidate debts, get a better interest rate, change to a fixed term to stabilise your outgoings, or you simply just need to save money.

All of which can happen by re-mortgaging to a more appropriate and cost effective product, to learn more please call our experienced team of Advisers who will help you take advantage of the latest rates and best overall product for your specific requirements.

If you are thinking of switching your mortgage in the near future and would like a reminder nearer the time, please let us know the following and we’ll get in touch when it’s time to switch to a more suitable deal for you!

We're open Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
Call us for free local mortgage advice.

Buy to let Mortgages allow the borrower a first charge loan using an investment residential property as security. The buy to let mortgage is set-up so that the property is tenanted out and the mortgage payments are covered by the rent generated by the tenant within the security. We can also help with:

We're open Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
Call us for free local mortgage advice.

Buy To Let Mortgages

We know Oxfordshire, as much as we know mortgages

As one of Oxfordshire’s highest rated mortgage brokers we understand how stressful and frustrating it can be when moving house, buying your first home or securing a great remortgage deal. We help lots of people in Oxfordshire with their mortgage requirements, so why should you trust us to help you?

Your mortgage advisor questions answered

A mortgage broker is a person or company that acts as an intermediary between customers and mortgage lenders. Our role is to help customers find the best mortgage deal for their needs and circumstances, offer expert advice, and guide you through the application process.
A mortgage broker helps you (the customer) navigate each step of the journey from initial enquiry to finding the right deal all the way through to finalising the application. We’ll search our panel of lenders and help you find the right deal for your circumstances.
By using a mortgage broker, you will have access to more mortgages than available directly to you as a consumer. This is because there are mortgage lenders who only lend through mortgage brokers and many lenders who create exclusive mortgages only available through a mortgage broker. By using a broker you essentially open up more choice, resulting in some cases better rates, saving you money.
Yes, all mortgage brokers that operate in the UK must either be regulated directly by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) or be an agent of a regulated firm. DXC Financial Solutions are an appointed representative of White Rose Finance Group Ltd who are directly authorised and regulated by the FCA.
Being a mortgage broker means we are not tied to one particular lender, this means that we can access the whole of the mortgage market. The benefit to you is that we can often secure better deals for our clients than if they went direct to their high street lender.

We're open Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
Call us for free local mortgage advice.

About DXC Financial Solutions

DXC Financial Solutions are an Independent Specialist Consultancy, we provide Commercial and Business Finance support to SME clients throughout the whole of the UK. Whether your business is well established or a new start we can help you with Commercial Mortgages, Property Development Finance, Business Loans, Short Term ‘Bridging’ Finance, Factoring, Equipment Leasing and advice on Grant Funding and how to secure funds via the Government Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (EFGS): In addition to this our expert qualified staff can search the whole market to find you the best product to suit your needs when looking for a residential mortgage and protection products.

Introducing Darren Street, Oxfordshire's mortgage specialist

Darren Street, CeMAP CeRER is your friendly mortgage specialist with over 25 years experience in the banking, finance and property industry.. He will personally oversee your application from start to finish.

I’m the Co-founder of DXC Financial Solutions, an Independent Specialist Consultancy providing mortgage services for clients across the UK.

The residential mortgage market is extremely competitive. It can be hard to unravel mortgage jargon to understand exactly what certain offers mean. 

There are a great deal of different providers and an extensive range of products and rates available. I will help guide you through all of this and find the best solutions for your needs.

It starts by scheduling a quick ‘get to know you’ call where I can establish your circumstances and you can ask me questions. Tap the button below to grab your slot.

Darren Street

Director, DXC Financial Solutions, Oxfordshire

We're open Mon - Sat 9am to 6pm
Call us for free local mortgage advice.

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